Court documents

Declarations vs. Unpublished Opinions in the Appeal of Jennifer Roach- The truth about Court Documents and how to understand them

Declarations have to be signed with a perjury statement that states the writer can be prosecuted if it contains lies. Court documents made by lawyers are OPINIONS no matter how many times they use the word FACTS. Linked below are first hand, I witness, declarations from 50 of Larry Christensen’s* friends in 3 scanned documents. Also see letter from the Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, thanking Ms. Roach.

Court of Appeal 1- I witnesses

Court of Appeal 2- I witnesses

Court of Appeal 3- I witnesses    *Larry Christensen was Jennifer Roach’s first Parkinson’s case. Since that time she has gotten Parkinson’s training from some of the best coaches in the country.  Link back to Larry’s Story

Never before has anyone provided 50 declarations of innocence in a Protection hearing (the usual required is 4.)

No honest judge would have ever considered that Jennifer Roach was guilty of abuse with that much evidence to the contrary, but because of court corruption in WA and the kick backs judges receive from authorizing exploitation of vulnerable adult, the judge, Jeanette Dalton, threw them out. She said : “Obviously any man near a young woman would appear to get better.” If that were true every man in a nursing home would be dancing for joy.

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