Exercise Video Segments

Exercise Video Segments

These are exercise clips are found on Youtube.com. Each video will open in a new tab, so just close the tab after viewing. Most of these people are unknown to me. Right now I am the only reviewer for PSFC. Later I hope to put in public reviews.

There is a good video to order for free from Davis Phinney Foundation. They talk about exercise, give some examples and have some first hand accounts. www.davisphinneyfoundation.org/living-pd/dvd/dvd-resources/

If you have suggestions or want your video link changed, please contact me. -Jennifer Roach, director

Walking Exercises

Kris Cameron does a nice 4 minute video on how to practice walking Click here to play video.

 General Instruction

Patrick LoSasso: Exercise Strategies for Parkinson’s Disease. www.PreventionThruFitness.com:¬† Patrick seems like a good Trainer. I haven’t had time to look through everything he does. He’s basically talking to the trainer about multi-task training ideas for Parkinson’s.