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Video review

Sit and BeFit: Neuro rehab Workout: It is made for an extremely low level of functioning.
Basically it is for those people who cannot function without a care-giver. I think it is geared too fast for that low level to¬† follow without assistance. An assistant can turn off the video and help and explain the exercises. That would be very beneficial. It is a very good alternative to watching TV and might provide an hour of entertainment for someone who can follow it a little and is not prone to frustrated because they don’t catch it all the first time through.


Sit and Be Fit: “WOrk out for Parkinson’s- This is pretty low level and can be good for wheel chair patients or those who have sever moving problems. It might be useful as a morning warm-up / limber up for those who can walk. It is definitely not “exercise” for reversing symptoms. I bothers me that some of her “behind the chair” exercises are done beside the chair. She is doing that to make the movements easier to see, but Parkinson’s patients can get confused. They need to see exactly what they are supposed to do and she could have done better to get a chair with a clear back or used a bar.


Exercise Strategies for Parkinson’s Disease- Patrick LoSasso- I’ve looked at a little for his videos and he seems pretty knowledgeable. He is mostly talking to the trainers on how to teach, but it might improve an individuals exercise routine to add some of his pointers.