APS Judicial Review

Documents for Jennifer Roach vs DSHS

May 5th, 2017 Judicial Review at Thurston County Superior Court, Olympia WA

Roach’s opening Brief: Brief for Judicail Review-May5-2017
Attachment C 1 for Opening Brief: Ex C-Law restatement- added to my appeal
Attachment C 2 for Opening Brief: EX C- part 2–OAH letter for Appeal
Attachment D for Opening Brief: Attachment D- Argument of Roach innocent

Asst. Attorney General, Seth Dickey Reply Brief: AG Dickey reply

Roach’s Reply Brief: Final reply brief 2017 APS database

April 17, 2017 Thank You Letter from Bob Ferguson (Head Attorney General) about helping the elderly: AG- Ferguson thankyou note

50 Declarations that were ignored by DSHS: 50 Declarations for Roach