Jennifer Roach-Appeal

The search “Jennifer Roach Appeal” or “Jennifer Roach UNPUBLISHED OPINION” may bring up an UNPUBLISHED OPINION on Appeal which has been used against Jennifer Roach as FACTS in a case about Larry Christensen to discredit her and her Parkinson’ program. (Please See success stories for More info on Christensen.) Mr. Christensen’s guardians are exploiting him with approval of the Superior court system and they want the real FACTS dismissed. Larry Christensen is now dead due to lack of proper medical treatment including being denied treatment of his severe sleep apnea and regular Parkinson’s rehad program which were available through his medical insurance- Group Health.

NOTE: an “UNPUBLISHED OPINION” contains no facts. It contains what a lawyer wants people to believe is “facts” so that the petitioner cannot file suit against guardianship abuse.

See 50 declarations about the Truth and Larry’s case of abuse- what Larry Christensen‘s friends saw and said about Jennifer Roach. Scroll down to last 4 court documents to see what is true.

This includes the letter from the Attorney General’s office thanking Ms. Roach for helping seniors.